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Phone ☎️ (951) 251-1030

🍒 cherrysplashxxx SAME GR888 SERVICE ii would LOVE TO HEAR YOUR VOICE .. CALL M3 1ST 💋💋💋👅 if no answer i shall teXXXT. My good reputation is to always be maintained: 💋 Always on Time 💋 a lil slow now and then but I make up for it 💋 Always discreet 💋 💋 Always prompt with replies 💋 💋 Always looking my best 💋 💋 Always fresh and clean 💋 💋 Always making sure that you leave satisfied💋 📢📣📢📣HEAD DR📢📣📢📣 I DO NOT DISCRIMATE GEEKY💛 HAIRY💛 SKINNY💛 OBIESE💛 WHITE💛 INDIAN💛 ASIAN/CHINESE💛 BLK😬😳{{JK*LOL}} SMART*ASS💛 BALD💛 Short💛 OLD💛💛💛💛💛💛 I LOVE everyone.. People forget why we were put here on this green Earth. It was not to BE RUDE to others & get rich it was not to create new inventions but to help one another be there for one another and TREAT one another with all respect and make each other happy &💛I'm here for 🤯🤯🤯Call me 🤯🤯🤯


party friendly  💎cherrysplashxxx baby💋

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